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Educator Guide (Spanish)


Story & Setting:

Ancient Egypt is brought to brilliantly colored life in Phelim McDermott’s modern take on revolutionary pharoah Akhnaten and his queen Nefertiti. This production creates a mythical, dreamlike version of the tale, with a mixture of ancient imagery with modern spectacle, including a magnificent troupe of jugglers.

Opera Notes:

With most information about Akhnaten lost to time, Philip Glass' music is set to a variety of inspirational texts and artifacts in a series of vignettes. Glass' minimalist style, which is known for tiny cells of repeated music, is interspersed with more conventional operatic forms, including a love duet for the ruling pair. The libretto includes text in sung in Ancient Egyptian, Akkadian, Hebrew, and English.

Sung in



3 hours & 30 minutes

Philip Glass (b. 1937)


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