Die Zauberflöte

Die Zauberflöte

Story & Setting:

Mozart's classic Enlightenment opera in its original full German version. The fairy tale story of dark versus light is given a delightful and visually stunning adaptation by Julie Taymor's costume design and use of puppetry.

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Opera Notes:

This opera is an example of the German singspiel style, in which sung texts are interspersed with spoken dialogue. Containing many allusions to Free Masonry (of which the composer was a member), this was Mozart's final opera. The music ranges from solemn, to comic, to triumphant, and contains some of the highest and lowest written notes sung in the operatic repertoire.

Sung in



3 hours & 5 minutes

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)


"Ach, ich fühl’s” (Golda Schultz)

Met Opera (current production)

Tamino's Flute Aria (Charles Castronovo)

Met Opera (current production)