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La Cenerentola

La Cenerentola

Story & Setting:

Rossini’s festive take on the classic Cinderella story contains a number of variations from the most widely-known version of the fairytale. The largest difference in Jacopo Ferretti’s libretto for the opera is the complete lack of magic. The story centers on the truly human experience of the title heroine, as she transforms from downtrodden black sheep of the family to adored princess through a combination of comedy, charm, and drama. In this retelling, even the prince is not a generic love interest, but a royal within the real-life locale of Salerno, Italy.

Opera Notes:

The florid vocal passages and buoyant melodies that made Rossini a superstar in his time abound in this opera. Angelina, the title heroine, is sung by a mezzo-soprano; the melody of her introductory aria, “Una volta c’era un re” serves as a recurring theme of the character’s struggles, which is balanced with the fiery melismas and frenzied ensembles that give this opera its irresistible spunk.

Sung in



3 hours & 15 minutes

Giaochino Rossini (1792-1868)


"Una volta c'era un re" - Elina Garanca

Met Opera (current production)

Ramiro's Cabaletta (Encore) - Juan Diego Flórez

Met Opera (current production)

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