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Educator Guide (Spanish)


Story & Setting:

A rusalka is a popular figure from Slavic mythology- a water sprite that inhabits a lake or river. The plot of Rusalka contains many elements that also appear in The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, though its tragic ending makes for a sadder take on the fairy tale.

Opera Notes:

With a strong national flavor, this piece is Dvorak’s only opera to gain international fame, and of particular note is the title character’s divine “Song to the Moon.” An exquisite example of late Romanticism, the opera contrasts the magical elements of folklore and the natural world with the corrupt and glittering court of Rusalka’s human love.

Sung in



3 hours & 45 minutes

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)


"Song to the Moon" (Kristine Opolais)

Met Opera (current production)

Ježibaba’s Aria “Čury mury fuk” (Jamie Barton)

Met Opera (current production)

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