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The Merry Widow
Vilja Song (SSA)

The Merry Widow

Story & Setting:

The entirety of The Merry Widow takes place in Paris, but the story is centered on an expatriate widow from Pontevedro - a fictional country bearing intentional resemblance to Montenegro. The title widow, Hannah, is accosted at every turn by men looking to capitalize on her extensive fortune by
marrying her, but her reunion with a past love provides a delightful wrench in their plans.

Opera Notes:

While The Merry Widow is technically an operetta, many of the world's leading opera companies have performed this enchanting work since it's German-language premiere in Vienna. Its sweeping waltzes, physical comedy, and popular translation into English make it an excellent option for newcomers to the opera house.

Sung in



3 hours

Franz Lehár (1870-1948)


Act 2 Duet (Renee Fleming & Nathan Gunn)

Met Opera (current production)

Grisettes Song (Kelli O'Hara and ensemble)

Met Opera (current production)

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