How do composers pick subject matter for a new opera?

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Opera in the New Millennium

What is the composing process like? How does a composer work with a librettist? How much time do composers get to create an opera? In this episode of The Metropolitan Opera Guilld Podcast, we explore all of those questions and more in the release of an archival recording from 2017!

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Metropolitan Opera Guild Original Content

Lecturers Naomi Barrettara and Elspeth Davis sat down with composers Missy Mazzoli, Paola Prestini, and Kevin Puts to learn more about their work as contemporary opera composers. (Please Note: Due to the live and archival nature of the original recording, there were some microphone glitches throughout the track. We have attempted to balance the recording and smooth out glitches as much as possible for this episode!) Track photo credits (from left to right): Paola Prestini, by Caroline Tompkins; Kevin Puts, by David White; Missy Mazzoli, by Caroline Tompkins


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