Podcast - Episode 157

The Enduring Legacy of Black Singers in Opera Pt. 1

with Tanisha Mitchell

Our " Enduring Legacy of Black Singers in Opera" #podcast series discusses singers of the past and present who broke barriers, paved the way, and continue to carry the torch. In this first part of the series, lecturer and music librarian Tanisha Mitchell focuses on male singers spanning the 19th, 20th, and 21st century, including George Shirley, Robert McFerrin, Vinson Cole, Simon Estes, Sir Willard White, John Holiday, Derek Lee Ragin, Eric Owens, Morris Robinson, Bass, Russell Thomas, Lawrence Brownlee and many more!

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Tanisha Mitchell, Lecturer

Named a "Mover and Shaker" by Library Journal, Tanisha Mitchell is best known for her innovative work in the arts at the Metropolitan Opera and the Freeport Memorial Library. As a librarian, her curating and archival expertise in the Metropolitan Opera Music Library, which helped the institution discover rare, previously unknown, treasures that reflect its performance history. Tanisha is also the arts coordinator at the Freeport Memorial Library where she brings an invigorating perspective on classical music and opera programming. As an entrepreneur, Ms. Mitchell has built an arts outreach company that brings a new spin on opera lectures by using technology, artifacts and even her own singing to teach and inspire audiences. Her opera outreach continues to grow on Long Island through libraries, community centers and beyond.


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