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Remote Digital Learning Sample

Aleatoric Music Composition

with Hannah Goodman

Available now as a special preview for our OBL at Home WEB family:
The education team at the Guild has been hard at work modifying our in-school programming for the current virtual landscape. This video is a short, 5-minute sample of how we will produce our education content for school partners moving forward.
Please Note: some elements are sped up in this sample video for time limits. Each individual lesson will be a full 15-minute instructional video, and custom modifications for specific student populations will be included. An accompanying worksheet (digital and .pdf) will be provided as well as a list of all National/NYS Next-Gen Standards addressed in each lesson. We are able to work with any school in all grades Pre-K - Adult. Partial subsidies to offset fees are available to schools in the New York City metropolitan area.

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Viewable/Printable Guide Sheet
Interactive Digital Guide
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Metropolitan Opera Guild Original Content

The Metropolitan Opera Guild provides a depth and breadth of educational programming that is unmatched by any other arts organization. Our highly trained visiting artists, in close consultation with a school’s teachers and administrators, develop customized education programs that integrate opera and music into a school’s curriculum. We invite you to partner with the Metropolitan Opera Guild and let us inspire your students with the magic and creativity of opera! If you are interested in learning more about working with us to customize a learning solution for your students, please contact Assistant Director of School Programs, Joe Hudson, at


Virtual Classroom

for Opera-Based Learning

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