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Early Childhood +

Learning activities are appropriate for pre-school and older. Opera content appropriate for all family members.

Creative Play

Indicates a lesson or activity that encourages creativity and/or creative play.

Elementary +

Learning activities are appropriate for early readers/writers and older. Opera content appropriate for all family members.

Learning Series

Indicates a series of lessons or activities on a related subject and/or skill. 

Middle School +

Learning activities are appropriate for students grades 6 and older. Some opera content may not be appropriate for young family members.


Indicates a lesson or activity intended for those new to opera and/or opera-based learning.

High School +

Learning activities are appropriate for students grades 9 and older. Opera content is intended for a mature audience.

Skill Development

Indicates a lesson or series of lessons designated to develop a specific skill or set of skills. 

Write Your Own Opera!

Using Poetic Devices to Construct Lyrics

Met Opera Guild Teaching Artist Andrea Palma show us how we can use several poetic devices to help us start writing song lyrics and/or parts of our opera libretto. **PRIOR KNOWLEDGE** We've rated this lesson for 4th grade and above. Students should understand: Rhyme, Alliteration, Metaphor, and Simile and a basic knowledge of how to apply word syllables to simple rhythms. A brief instructional video is in the resources, as well as the "Libretto Toolbox" containing complete definitions.

Write your own original aria or libretto!

young person's guide.jpg
Andrea Palma, Soprano

Met Guild Podcasts

Opera Boot Camp Series
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The Metropolitan Opera Chorus is one of the most revered opera choruses in the world, requiring long hours of rehearsal and a demanding performance schedule. What is a day, week, or year in the life of a Met chorister like? How much time is spent on learning music and rehearsing? How do you get into the chorus in the first place? In this episode, drawn from a live event in the Met Opera Guild's Opera Boot Camp series, lecturer and podcast co-host Naomi Barrettara sat down with three Met Opera choristers - Ross Benoliel (baritone), Angela Deverger (soprano), and Danielle Walker (soprano)- to get the inside scoop on a day in the life of a Met Opera chorister!

Explore what it's like to be in the Met Chorus

Naomi Barrettara, Lecturer

Student Streams - La Fille du Régiment

Week Eight: La Fille du Régiment
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The Metropolitan Opera will offer weekly operas that are specially selected for young audience members around the globe, along with opportunities to learn more about the production and hear from some fo the amazing artists who helped make it happen!

Met Opera Free Weekly Student Streams

Illustrated Synopsis
Guía en español
Guide for Educators: La Fille du Régiment

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